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Castles in Scotland

Scotland is famous for her castles and justifiably so. highlights some of the best castles in Scotland - the most famous Scottish castles are featured as well as some more unusual ones. Medieval towers and keeps are what most people think of when they have an image of a traditional Scottish castle, but of course there are many other styles of castles and castellated mansions in Scotland too.

Many Scottish castles are now tourist attractions and open to the public - so you can visit romantic ruins or well-restored Border keeps. A lot are in the care of The National Trust for Scotland or Historic Scotland. Some castles are now hotels and so have of course been restored to great comfort - the architectural purity may have been slightly lost along the way but they are still wonderful buildings to visit or stay in. Many privately-owned castles are available to hire for a wedding or a party - having a wedding in a Scottish castle is very popular as it is a quintessentially romantic location.

Some castles in Scotland are still owned and lived in by the original family (or clan chief) that built them all those centuries ago when they were defending their lands. If you are coming to Scotland and want to visit your ancestral seat then you may find it still lived in by the clan chief or it may just be a few stones in a field.

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Most people coming to visit will want to see the castles of Scotland and all they have to offer. We hope the information here on will help you decide which ones you'd like to go and see.

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Bullet point Crathes Castle
Bullet point Castle Sween
Bullet point Cawdor Castle
Bullet point Floors Castle
Bullet point Blair Castle

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