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Bothwell Castle, Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Location: 10 miles southwest of Glasgow, G71 8BL (map and directions)

Bothwell Castle is a ruined medieval castle located high above a bend in the River Clyde, just 10 miles from Glasgow. Built in the 13th century, Bothwell Castle was begun by the ancestors of Clan Murray to guard a key crossing point of the Clyde.

Bothwell Castle, Glasgow & Clyde Valley copyright Otter
Bothwell Castle © Otter

History of Bothwell Castle

During the Wars of Independence, ownership of Bothwell Castle changed hands many times due to this strategic location. As a result of so much war-related activity, the castle was severely damaged and when the Black Douglasses acquired ownership of the castle in the 15th century, they rebuilt and enlarged the structure significantly. After they were overthrown in 1455 by James II, Bothwell Castle was returned to the ownership of the Crown.

By the 18th century Bothwell Castle was abandoned and the castle slowly became a ruin. Today all the remains is part of the original circular keep, the well-preserved 13th century Donjon, the 13th century prison tower, and the 14th century great hall and chapel which survive from the Black Douglas era.

Bothwell Castle is considered to be one of Scotlandís greatest castles despite its status as a ruin. The castle serves as a testament to Scotlandís strength during medieval times and it is the best remaining 13th century castle in all of Scotland.

Today Bothwell Castle is in the care of Historic Scotland

Map and directions

Bothwell Castle is open year round.

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